No Trespass List

The Moundsville Housing Authority has served upon the individuals listed below a letter of no trespassing and the same is on file with local law enforcement. These individuals have been informed that we have prohibited them from our property. This notice is to inform all MHA tenants that if you allow any of the individuals on this list to be on our property, you may face eviction. This list is subject to change at any time and without notice to the public. If you are currently on the no trespass list and you want to appeal or make application to remove yourself from this list you must contact the administrative office at 304-845-3141. If you see any of these individuals on MHA property you are encouraged to call the city police at (304) 845-1611.

Updated: 02/06/2023


Applegarth, Jeremy


Barr, Edna

Bell, Dillon

Birch, Jon C.

Blake, Amanda

Bland, Tyler

Borders, Donovan


Carney, Thomas A.

Chambers, Jeremiah

Clegg, Johnny

Cox, Dharma

Crow, James Jr.

Cusick, James III


Davis, Clifton

Davis, Mashaun

Dotson, Ila

Druschel, William

Dutton, Terrie



Fahey SR., William

Floyd, Susan


Galloway, Charles

Gillingham, Charles

Gonchoff, Kendra

Gray, John

Groskopf, William IV

Guimont, Alyssa


Hall, Jerry Clyde

Hanke, Zachary

Helmbright, Thomas

Hicks, Fred Jr.

Hixenbaugh, Autumn

Hosaflock, Cody




Kearns, James


Lawrence, Courtney

Lawrence, John Ross

Lucas, Jerry III


Marchani, Richard

McCallister, Stephen

McGuire, Dalton

Milewsky, Taylor

Miller, William F.

Minor, Jason

Moore, Jackie


Nelson, Robert Dale



Pettit, Stephen

Powell, William C. III



Ragland, Stephon

Reynolds, Carter

Rice, Ryan

Richards, Ryan

Richardson, Rachel

Ruskin, Peter


Seum, David

Shaner, Nathan

Smith, Angela

Snodgrass, Tinya

Staggers, Christian

Steenson, Daryl


Taylor, Shane

Toland, Thomas




Wallace, Ashley

Wells, Randy

Wiggins, Marvin

Wiles, Tonya

White, Ronald

Whitlatch, Jacob

Whitt, Michael

Whitt, Taylor

Williamson, Megan

Wilson, John

Wood, Ashley

Wood, Jesse

Wood, Rebecca



Yoho, Troy

Yost, Mary Jo

Yost, Robert


Zervos, Nick III